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Iggle Piggle Blanket Time - In The Night Garden

Iggle Piggle Blanket Time - In The Night Garden
Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden is going to be one of the big sellers this Christmas. If you don't get one of these soon, then you'll miss out, as the manufacturers simply haven't made enough of these. Every shipment is selling out the moment it arrives, so if you find someone with stock, you need to act right away!

Soft and snuggly IgglePiggle plush doll that sings,dances and plays games with 10 different modes of play to surprise and delight your little one!

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The average rating is: 3 out of 5

John lewis
The cuddly character from CBeebies' "In the Night Garden", complete with his red security blanket. Igglepiggle features sound and music from the programme. Batteries Included. Shipping from £3.95.

Huggle Snuggle Iggle Piggle loves to snuggle with his blanket. See what he does when he is holding it and when he is not. Features 4 games included in the box and sounds and speech from the programme. Requires 4 x AA batteries (included).
Can reserve for in store collection.

In the Night Garden is a huge success for kids and parents. This nursery rhyme laden program keeps young ones spellbound and winds them down before bedtime. The loveable characters and toys can now be bought so your child can play with them, take them to snuggle up with and enjoy more of the songs, catch-phrases and enchantment from the program.

Amazon also has private sellers with reasonable prices.
Iggle Piggle with sounds and music from the programme. 10 play modes included.

Delivery is £4.95
This Iggle Piggle Dancing Plush is from the In The Night Garden show. It has 10 different play patterns and he will know when he is holding his blanket. This product has batteries included and is suitable for children from the age of 1yrs+.

Currently out of stock
Interactive Iggle Piggle has lost his blanket, can you help him find it?

Free shipping. In stock from 15th October

Currently out of stock
In the Night Garden... is about a magical picture book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child's imagination. It is a place inhabited by a diverse community of toys that care for each other unconditionally... Igglepiggle loves to give his blanket a hug and snuggle. Help him find it with this fun interactive Igglepiggle plush doll! Clever Igglepiggle can 'sense' when he doesn't have his blanket; just squeeze his foot and he looks around asking for your help! Watch as Igglepiggle falls asleep when you give him back his fleecy blanket, rewarding your child's curiosity! With 10 modes of play including games, singing and dancing; Blanket Time Igglepiggle is a wonderful way of developing imagination through interactive role-play.

Iggle Piggle sings and dances.

Hamleys Toy Award nominee Iggle Piggle is an instant hit with little ones who love to explore. He has lost his blanket; can you help him find it? The interactive Iggle Piggle features sounds and speech from In the Night Garden, including the voice of Sir Derek Jacobi.
Interactive Iggle Piggle - help him find his blanket. 10 games included in the box. Features sounds and speech from programme including voice of Sir Derek Jacobi. From birth.

Currently out of stock
Lots of Iggle Piggles on eBay still. Normal auction rules apply - check seller, check delivery details.

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Customer Reviews of Iggle Piggle Blanket Time - In The Night Garden

Sarah J, Canada
Rated as: 5 / 5
too expensive
peirce , london
Rated as: 1 / 5

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